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Construction manager officer is responsible for coordination of all construction processes from design until project implementation completion. He works closely with the other team specialists to ensure project is delivered with the agreed success criteria on safety, quality, cost and schedule.

Our construction managers are responsible for the following duties:

Design phase:

  • Liaise with the project technical teams to get timely concurrence for relavant designs
  • Participate in design reviews and ensure constructability is considered in the design
  •  Lead selection of companies/resources, and define requirements for quality assurance and quality control

 Construction phase:

  •  Hold a daily follow-up meeting on construction progress and ensure key players allocate appropriate resources to deliver against CPS
  •  Hold weekly formal review meeting with Designer and Contractor to co-ordinate state of design, construction and procurement
  •  Define stretch / optimum CPS, align contractor, project team and operations and deliver against the plan


  • Ensure Contractor allocates adequate and qualified resources to manage safety on-site
  • Review risk assessments and method statements and ensure they are co-ordinated with other works and operations at the site
  • Hold daily meetings to resolve conflicts, ensure correct following up and agree immediate remedial actions if required
  • Hold weekly formal review meetings on overall safety satisfaction and potential readjustment of the procedures
  • Ensure safety procedures, are strictly followed
  • Ensure that safety records are maintained and published to demonstrate the site safety performance, and highlight any trends that need to be addressed


  • Lead setting up of clear QA site procedures with contractor and client
  • Ensure agreed procedures, general industry practices and standards and Contractor’s QA plan are strictly followed and that clear records are maintained
  • Hold daily meetings to identify critical issues and outages and agree immediate remedial actions
  • Hold weekly formal review meetings on overall quality satisfaction and potential readjustment of the procedures

Cost Control:

  •  Ensure cost control systems are established to maintain spending within the defined budget
  •  Cost forecasting on a monthly basis to verify actual versus planned spending

Change Management:

  •  Support project manager in managing scope changes
  •  Provide pre-assessment of potential changes in terms of CPS, cost and advise
  •  Technically validate scope changes proposed by contractor


  •  Establish project document control system
  •  Own safety documentation and control records
  •  Own quality assurance project documentation and control records
  •  Manage relevant permit processes e.g. hot work, confined space
  •  Manage testing reports